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This is a 6 month relationship bootcamp for courageous women who are ready to break free from unhealthy relationship patterns. During our time together you will:

  • Go through an in-depth process of mapping out your maladaptive relationship patterns.

  • Understand how you are giving your power away in relationships. 

  • Recognize when your past hurts unintentionally show up in your present relationships.

  • Learn the neurobiology of codependency.

  • Understand the link between childhood trauma and codependency.

  • Learn about your archetypal patterns and how to work with them to form self-love and healthy boundaries.

  • Learn why you are prone to attract narcissistic people into your life and how to change that.

  • Gain tools to protect yourself from the narcissist’s toxic behaviors.

This is a journey of self-exploration, resiliency and growth. The next WomenUnbound Relationship Bootcamp will be starting February 2024. Call me to schedule a free one-on-one consultation to explore if this is the right fit for you. 

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